Maureen Elise Quinn, M.Ed., CST, SEP


I am a certified Craniosacral Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Meditation Teacher. 

I am a compassionate and grounded partner in the health and well-being of you and those you love.

Most of us have tension, pain and trauma we want to release. 

This is a process for us all. Left undone, it separates us from the joy and ease that is our essence. 

Here’s what I know to be important: 

We are all here to live with peace and freedom. You are biologically inclined towards wellbeing. You don’t need a miracle or a “perfect life” to experience health and wellness. Just like you don’t need a certain disposition or body to benefit from yoga and meditation. The conditions for your peace and wellbeing are closer than that.

When you give your body the space and time to relax and let go of patterning that no longer serves you, you move towards health. When you commit to a daily practice, you are the beacon of your own self-care. When you question your stories, you change your mind. When you breathe, you become the force of life.

To call myself a healer would imply that you are broken. I am an educator and a facilitator. Though I am trained in multiple modalities, I have one job: to guide you back to something that already exists. I do this by working with sensation in the body, relaxing and regulating the nervous system, and helping you overcome unhelpful thoughts and emotions. 

Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, and Meditation: all of these modalities release tension in the body and clear pathways to consciousness, allowing us to come home to our wise and capable selves. This work is a path to ease and a wealth of personal power.

A little about my body of work and my background:

I am a certified Craniosacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute. (Many therapists are not certified.) I know my stuff when it comes to working with cranial bones, cerebrospinal fluid, and releasing tension deep in the body. This training is where I found my true voice, which evolves infinitely and which I live by.

  • I am certified in Embodyoga®, and I have trained extensively in Svaroopa® Yoga and  Ashtanga Yoga. My approach to teaching is comprehensive and integrative.

  • I am continually taking new classes at the Upledger Institute. I keep up with the ever-evolving advances in CST. My sessions always incorporate the latest knowledge.

  • I began my Somatic Experiencing training in 2011 and completed the course in 2013. This training enhanced my ability to work with the nervous system and taught me how to directly address trauma.  

  • I assist Somatic Experiencing trainings and CranioSacral trainings throughout the country.  I am passionate about preserving and transmitting the teachings that have transformed me.

  • I lead workshops on stress-reduction, teach meditation at Baypath College, and have trained social workers on nervous system regulation. I communicate (with passion) the science and research behind all I do.

  • I have my M.Ed. and I taught elementary school for ten years. I break down practices and philosophies in a way that is relatable and easy to understand so you can get the most out of them.

  • With a BA in Psychology, I have a deep and ever-evolving understanding of the human mind -- important when dealing with patterns of thought and behavior.

  • I am the oldest of four and the mother of two grown children. I am present, caring, and guiding --  I resonate with and attend to subtle needs. I am a patient, soft, clear and trusted practitioner.

  • I grew up in the country in Maine. I love being in nature and part of the way I share that, is through my retreats. I draw from this resonance to support and enable the healing process.

  • I love my dog, Buddy. He is my office assistant and my clients frequently comment on the power of his presence and unconditional love.

  • I have a daily practice of meditation, yoga and qigong. This is what grounds me, enlivens me, soothes me, and enables me to hold infinite space for the processes, awakenings and unexplored trauma of others. I don’t just teach this work. I live it

All of this means one thing: I have the depth of training and knowledge of practical experience to guide you in your healing… with more intelligence, more integration, more support AND less short-term results and confusion.

On the topic of intelligence and support, here are some of the thinkers, deities, and archetypes who have influenced my work and development. 

My known and unknown teachers:

Byron Katie, brilliant spokeswoman for “The Work”,  who says that everything is shown to us when we question, are quiet and allow our inner wisdom to speak.

Dr. Jampa Yonten, my Tibetan doctor, who taught me the Medicine Buddha practice that changed my life. I invoke the energy of the this Buddha every morning, before each client, and before teaching any class. 

Pema Chodron who has gently shown me that “one step at a time” leads to change.

Jesus and Mary, protectors and guides whose truth, kindness and compassion resonated with me at a very young age.

Buddha, the pinnacle of clarity and non-dualism, who maintains that everything is a projection of the mind. I believe he has provided some of the most amazing teachings in existence.

Kwan Yin, Lakshmi, Tara, and Saraswati, the female buddhas and goddesses who are my role models, providing me with inspiration, love, abundance, knowledge and the courage to break through fear.

Eckhart Tolle whose teachings on the power of presence ring clear as day. 

Terri Nash, Avadhan Larson, Patty Townsend, and Swami Nirmalananda, whose wisdom and trainings have shaped me into the teacher and practitioner I am today.

There are more than I have mentioned. But this gives you a picture of who I am -- of the thoughts and ideas I surround myself by.