Yoga is a practice to nurture your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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Within each of us is a soft voice - an inner guidance that can be experienced as a feeling or a knowing. Unlike the mind, this inner voice does not convince, reason, or argue. It does not analyze or judge.

It just is. 

When I teach yoga, I teach it as a healing modality. 

The postures I teach, and the order in which I teach them, focus on releasing tension from the spinal muscles so the central nervous system can regulate and decompress. Weaving in breathwork and various forms of meditation, my classes, private sessions and retreats offer a way for the mind, body and emotions to find spaciousness and freedom.

As we unwind, we begin to hear the quiet and wise voice within.  

This voice transcends the confines of stress and conditioning. 

It is the sound of our true nature.

Informed by decades of study and a commitment to practice, my yoga classes, retreats and private sessions are designed to help you in the direction of a more balanced, sustainable and harmonious life.

I believe it is possible for you to be happy, healthy, clear-minded, supported, connected to yourself, Source, and others. To have choices and freedom.  

"When you find peace within yourself, you become a person who can live at peace with others." - Peace Pilgrim


At the very least, it takes 20-30 minutes a day of conscious practice to regulate your nervous system. Most of my classes are at least an hour. This gives your system a chance to really engage with the practice and reap its benefits.

A typical yoga class uses props such as chairs, blocks and blankets.


Deep instruction in an intimate setting.

For private sessions, I will customize the poses, or asanas, to fit your needs and your body (including injury). Together, we can design specific sequences you can practice at home. Because private instruction meets you EXACTLY where you are at, all levels will find it helps them progress significantly in their practice. If you want to take more control of your body and your life, private instruction will help strengthen your commitment to the path of practice.

$25 per 15-minute increment beyond the first hour.

Checks, cash, and credit cards are accepted. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours.

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Meditation is one of the most powerful limbs of yoga.

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The great Yogis have always known: a clear mind is your greatest asset. Though meditation and mindfulness are a significant part of any yoga practice, I also teach them separately. Why? Because we think 65,000 thoughts a day and are hardwired to function 95% through unconscious patterning. While our mental and instinctual skills keep us safe, they do not pave the way to peace or awareness.

Meditation is another way to calm the nervous system and go deep into the very center of your being. It is a way to remember your connection to all things.

A way to cultivate more patience, compassion, and emotional balance.

When we see clearly the working of our mind--when we lovingly question our fears and beliefs--we are free to make new choices.

Divine support is always available. It’s just a matter of giving yourself the time and space to notice and connect with it.  

Meditation is a way of gaining the awareness, love and resolve we need to move forward.


My ongoing weekly meditation class runs 75 minutes and is limited to seven people. Please get in touch to get on the waitlist.

Groups of two or more can book a private mediation class upon request by inquiring here.

And, here’s a helpful guide to breathing practice, essential to both yoga and meditation, to help jump start your practice.