Meditation is one of the most powerful limbs of yoga.

The great Yogis have always known: a clear mind is your greatest asset. Though meditation and mindfulness are a significant part of any yoga practice, I also teach them separately. Why? Because we think 65,000 thoughts a day and are hardwired to function 95% through unconscious patterning. While our mental and instinctual skills keep us safe, they do not pave the way to peace or awareness.

Meditation is another way to calm the nervous system and go deep into the very center of your being. It is a way to remember your connection to all things.

A way to cultivate more patience, compassion, and emotional balance.

When we see clearly the working of our mind--when we lovingly question our fears and beliefs--we are free to make new choices.

Divine support is always available. It’s just a matter of giving yourself the time and space to notice and connect with it.  

Meditation is a way of gaining the awareness, love and resolve we need to move forward.



My ongoing weekly meditation class runs 75 minutes and is limited to seven people. Please get in touch to get on the waitlist.

 I teach two meditation classes per week at Baypath University. This is a for-credit class for Baypath students. For more information, see their website.

Groups of two or more can book a private class upon request by inquiring here.